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If your looking for a better priced Natuzzi, have a look at Natuzzi's other brands called Natuzzi Editions and Italsofa......half the price and still made in Europe! Editions are old dropped models from the 2011 collection!

Nothing special about Natuzzi, other than they are ripping off the public saying they are high end!

When Natuzzi, 1st came in to the UK 20 yrs ago Natuzzi, was not high end! Their sofa frames are made of soft wood, units are chipboard and leather goes so baggy! Take a look on eBay to see the state of the leather after a few years, you will be shocked! People saying how they paid 6k for a sofa and now can't even get £600 due to the state of the leather!

Price fixing is common......Shop around and you can get up to 40% off no trouble!

Monetary Loss: $6.

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We've had our Italsofa furniture for over 10 years and still love it; couch, loveseat, ottoman and recliner. Very comfortable and looks good. It's held up great!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #585330

I bought the Italsofa sectional from Macy's and I'm a big guy. It's been 2yrs and numerous kids and animals.

The couch is still firm and the leather is awesome. No sagging. The cushions are still nice and firm. My last Natuzzi lasted 17yrs.

(not kidding)

My sister also bought one and she has 2 Great Danes. Still looks new after 6yrs.


Same here, bought a Natuzzi Editions in Europe last year. After 2 weeks the seat began sagging.

Alot of discussions later and a now bad back someone is going to fill them again in a months time.

This most be one of the worst ever purchases me and my wife have ever made. My parents have leather sofas that they bought 15 years ago from some Belgian manufacturer and they still look and sit like new.


We bought Italsofa and two chairs from Star Furniture in 2006. Within two weeks the leather on the chairs began to "melt." The couch wasn't as bad because we seldom sit on it.

Star sent someone to "repair" the chair, but all he did is spray it with something that immediately flaked off. Star replaced the rocker recliner after that, but again the leather on the arms and back began to melt.

We stopped calling Star because they didn't want to hear from us any more.

We now have three shabby pieces of furniture which we will be replacing after Christmas. I doubt that we will purchase from Star again.


Peace child you really should do your research better. Just spent a few minutes and discovered all the other brands except Natuzzi Italy are manufactured in either China, Brazil or Romania.

Also I have a B&B italia sofa (considered to be one of the best made sofas in the world) which I bought for £5500 and that only sold for £800 on Ebay.

Giving consumers practical advice is a great use of the net but to use it to express bitter and jaded views based around your own bad experience just missleads everyone.


Natuzzi Editions are made in China.

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